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Fun Toys & Children's Bikes

When you think of places to buy toys for your kids, you probably don't think of a hardware store. However, Hastings Ace Hardware has a great selection of riding toys and more for children. You can also find all types of children's bikes that allow your youngsters to have safe fun while they also get some exercise.


It's Playtime

Find educational and fun toys among our selection of brand-name merchandise. We have White Mountain Puzzles and John Deere riding toys along with Tomy toys, small playsets, and more.

2-Wheel Excitement

A bicycle offers your children the most fun they can have on two wheels. Our selection of children's bikes that are fast, safe, and easy to maneuver includes:

  • Fuji Bikes
  • Some road bikes
  • some full suspension bikes
  • Fat Tire Bikes
  • BMX-Style Bikes
  • & More

When your child breaks his/her bicycle, don't junk it. Bring it to us for corrective bike repair, and we'll get your kid back on their bike in no time.